Today was the day I turned 23.....
Firstly I would like to thank my mum, who bring me into this world 23 years ago, I love you mum ^^

And yes.....today was 22 and many 22 appeared in my vision....

....... even the seat that we ate at the city was also labeled "table 22", am I lucky? lolzzz!

So this year --> what's my birthday present?I am going out with 4 leng lui's +Natsuko!!!! XD
 Jojo! :)
 Mian, Angeline and Jojo
 With Angeline - p.s: your scarf was lovely, I like it (^o^)
 Melbourne's version of Kung Fu Panda - Shirley Vs Angeline
And yes, I am glad to be able to capture a photo of them :D

and I am dumb enough that I didn't captured any photo with all of them but It's alright, Natsuko was in too haha :D

not to forget Ah Ben, Melvin, George, Emily, Penny and the rest of my club's (Malaysian Swinburne Association)friends!! XD

That night...I walked alone and It rained that day, with mixed emotions, I cried and laughed, ended up at Crown and the girls were worried bout me and called me but could not look for me(I am terribly sorry...i felt guilty le....let u girls worried...)...then Ah Ben and George looked for me (Being thankful that they actually came) and ended up going home with the MSA members :)

P.S: Although it was just a normal outing like any other day, but today was the day I won't forget because it only come once. At least my 23rd birthday wasn't sad after all :)
I believe the best present is not what you obtained and received but making my friends smile as they smiled back at you.



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