Project final Semester Day 122 : Where'd You Go? Sometimes, I just wanted to know where my friends went, you know...I hate farewell >... [...]

Project final Semester Day 121 : Mo-vie! Went to watch Transformers 3 that night, overall was awesome especially the effects! =D Kend [...]

Project final Semester Day 120 : D-R-A-W Today I am getting back into my drawing habits, well, why I loved drawing? One simple answer is I... [...]

Project final Semester Day 119 : The Dinner Nite Yesterday, the guys had a very very very ...... strange do grocery shopping tog... [...]

Project Final Semester Day 118: Share the love Yesterday brought Kian Leong to the Shrine of Remembrance, then to Fed Square, then to Chin... [...]

Project Final Semester Day 117: My Solo Night Tonight I am going solo, trying to think of more creative ideas and also to flashback, it tur... [...]

Project Final Semester Day 116 : Moments... Just had a moment with myself today, and I trace back and rewind back on the past events I atte... [...]

Today was the day I turned 23..... Firstly I would like to thank my mum, who bring me into this world 23 years ago, I love you mum ^^ And y... [...]

Flight was cancelled.....and yea I am sad, tired, angry, frustrated and emo (=.=) I don't care! I must plan for other trip, no matter h... [...]

Williamstown trip pre-birthday celebration? Surprise? Yes! It was indeed a good one!  I was actually almost cried when many people ... [...]

Today I received a gift from Emily. It was stuff doll version of Natsuko, thanks Mely!!!  Went to the city alone after that before going to ... [...]

Today, went to combined cellgroup BBQ at the park, had fun and yes, I am glad I could burn my calories by taking photos of the girls :D Her... [...]

Went exercise with Angeline, Mian and Wilfred... it was a cold morning, but it was worth of exercise! :) p.s: Wilfred said that all those h... [...]

Swinburne大学的朋友都考完了。。只剩下。。。我一个。。 考试。。。可以快一点结束吗?(T.T) 别这样对待我。。好不好? Kend [...]

Today,'s not a good day for me, but I must be happy no matter how, for others :) ~Let the Music Heal your soul~ and let my dr... [...]

This photo is taken by Angeline and today marks her first exam paper Piglet shouts: あなたの試験で...がんばってください! :) Kend [...]

Will be my first, probably the last, because I hope I won't see the word "EXAMS" again! Anyways, this photo was shot yesterday... [...]