Finally the time has finally come and the it marks the end of the fasting months. A wish to all my Muslim friends around the globe, Selamat... [...]

A fishmonger sells his catch of the day to the locals townspeople at the Sipitang Town area before he closes and ready for dinner (Buka Pua... [...]

The festival of lights, consists of the celebration of the 3 main races in Malaysia. The Hari Raya Aidilfitri which was celebrated by the M... [...]

While arriving Sipitang, I stopped by and captured the evening sunset, unlike the last time, today the sky looked very blue....I made a deep... [...]

In the photo : Amanda Grace A smile has a thousand meanings and it shares uncountable Happiness . To everyone out there.....there is always... [...]

Welcoming a new friend into Natsuko's family, her name was Akimi, meaning "Autumn Fruit" - this doll was brought at Melbourn... [...]

That night, I was eager to capture photos of the stars outside my home. I did. Took 1 hours plus to capture photos of the celestial sky...I... [...]

Wonders of the nature, in the place I grew up. There are 6 main places in the Sipitang region....divided into 2 categories: We have 4 in t... [...]

Today I found out one interesting recipe, at first I wanted to laugh because of the word "Jerk", looking at the photos, it made m... [...]

In your eyes, is your past, present and future Bad or good,  It's hard to decide, but it's every parents wish to fulfill every chi... [...]

After a few days.....finally she accepted me into the family, she was a brave and a happy dog, now she often looks at me when I played my g... [...]

Capture a shot of the sunset at Sipitang's tamu malam, where the local farmers, fisherman and tradesman gather at one spot and sell the... [...]

The place where I grew up, the place where I played most of my childhood games, the place I got my first Doraemon doll and the place where I... [...]

Finally, the project final semester is officially finished! Weeee~~super duper proud, happy and excited about this project, although only 1... [...]

Project Final Semester Day 158 : 回家 期待回家的感觉。。。。终于能回家咯! P。S :想念墨尔本 >.< Kend [...]

Project final Semester Day 157 : 再见了,墨尔本 离开墨尔本的今天。。很不舍得,但是都要面对。。。再见了!有机会,我会回来的~ 朋友们,要记得联络噢! Kend [...]

Project final Semester Day 156 : A Day to Remember Today was my last day at Melbourne, we had lunch together with Angeline and Joanne an... [...]

Project final Semester Day 155 : Thank You! ^^ Today = Priceless, will never forget this night, thank you Angeline, mian, Melvin... [...]

Project final Semester Day 154 : My Graduation A day to remember because it is the day where all our hard work is recognized and framed ... [...]