Get Puffed with Puffing Billy!

Weee, finally went to Puffing Billy and sat on Australia's oldest steam train!

 Sheng Han, Kian Leong and Wilfred in front of the station
 Saw the ticket psss? Ming Chu's Ka-wa-ii pose ^^
Ming Chu in front of Puffy Billy!
 Wilfred and Kian Leong in front of Puffy Billy
Nice pose Sheng Han! :D
 While on the train, we got hungry and luckily kian Leong and Ming Chu brought some tipbits ho-ho

The train was fun, exciting, and YES, slow (Common, it's the old steam train lols!) anyway, the scenery was fantastic! ^^

While going back, I taught that since we conquered the Belgrave line, why not go to Lilydale line since it's just the opposite line. so yes, we went to Lilydale and visited Swinburne Lilydale campus lols! 

It was a fun trip and experience! And that day I lost my wallet lols, luckily my important stuffs were left at Uni and home :P

I am ready for the next trip!



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