Pek Chek Kia at Melbourne

5th March - 7th March 2011, The story of Kim Hang (Pek Chek Kia) and Jerry arriving Melbourne. The same day I was organizing Ice Breaking Event for MSA. They went to Melbourne for 3 days. And here's the story! :)

Hoi! where is this? Melbourne?
 Left to Right : Sheng Han, Wilfred, Jerry
 Yeap! Thats Kim Hang and I (I looked very tired- too much fatigue)!
 A trip around Melbourne - At Chadstone, the largest shopping complex at Australia
 Brought red wine to celebrate - Keeper's Glove from Chadstone's Aldi.
 Sheng Han Capturing the Korean food at Kim Chi Lunch Box at Glenferrie road.
 Ah yes, the memories - the K.A.T.A.K Group photo was taken at Crowns Casino 
(a Little blur but it's still a memory ^^)
And finally, the 3 bloggers icon meeting! My Natsuko, Sheng Han's Danbo and Kim Hang's Pek Chek Kia!

I am glad to had met with him, as he was the first blogger friend from Malaysia I've met!
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  1. Great photos! And nice to meet you guys!

    I'm look like a nerd with the short hair style XD

  2. A great pleasure to meet you too! Until next time, we make it bigger, more fun and awesome! K.A.T.A.K!! XD

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