5 places in a day

Went to 5 places today (Flagstaff Gardens-->Docklands Harbour Town-->Docklands-->Federation Square--->Yarra River) some say it's an outing, some say it's a MSA outing, some even say it's Moomba Festival outing...To me, it's just an awesome outing with friends, new and old, doesn't matter as long as we had great time :)

 Ivan and Danny at the MASCA BBQ Event!
 The girls :)
 The awesome pose~
 Yeap, a small small group photo!
 You jump, I jump! XD
 We are at Docklands!
 Melbourne's Moomba Festival, that day, the sky was promising- Fantastic!
 Tired faces but worth it! ;)
Yeap, Flinders Street and Federation Square was just crowded with people....i mean...heaps of it! XD



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