IKEA & St Kilda Beach

Forgotten to update my blog with this one, hehe, apologies ~ xD
Went to Ikea and St Kilda last month...and we had fun especially photo-shooting ~
2 bloggers meet again~ Natsuko and Danbo at IKEA ;)
Mirror reflection Group photo!
One Happy Family! 
My Connections...
Glowing Mushrooms! =D

Next...we went to St Kilda Beach~ and yes, we had fun ^^
Groupie photo!
It was cold....so only 4 of us went to the pier, and I captured a photo of them. Left to right, Wilfred, Sheng Han and Huo Ling

I loved the stones there~
The sound of the waves...
Another lovely group photo! ^^
Last and not least....Happiness =)



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