My Kuching Travel Log

Travelled to Kuching  for a week and captured a few interesting photos during the trip, all thanks to my friend especially Sheng Han, Cynthia, Natalius, Kheng Shin, Siong He, Ming Chu, Christine, Edmund, and Howard :D

My first day at Kuching was rather hot and stuffy, but I am glad that I captured this historical part of kuching which was the carpenter street!

I also went to Damai beach, the closest beach to Kuching. which was in fact, fun too!

I also celebrated Mooncake festival at Kuching! And met with Shiau Jiun, Ming Chu's sister. We celebrate together with Cynthia and Sheng Han's group at Friendship park, which was my very first time encounter with so many people gathered at this park! We light the lanterns as well as making wishes and flew Kong Ming lanterns. 

And yes, food at Kuching was not an exception too! Had lots of Kuching -must eat cuisine! So what's that? Well you've got it right! It's Laksa, Kolomee, Kueh Chap , 3 layered Teh C Peng and many more!

A photo tells a lot of stories- and It's been a pleasure to enjoy at Kuching throughput my break :)



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